Chocolate Stores Review

Gifts of chocolate, whether for yourself or someone special, have long been a mainstay in the accepted gift-buying repertoire. From the sweet declaration of love conveyed in the presentation of flowers and a box of chocolates to the private indulgence in a gourmet chocolate truffle, this sweet confection speaks many languages. Shopping chocolate stores online for your favorite confectionary gratification ensures that your next craving will be easily and quickly accommodated. Be sure to check out our articles related to chocolate.

Online Chocolate Stores: What to Look For

We found there were four things that contributed to a favorable chocolate stores shopping experience.

Product Variety
First and foremost, the variety of products offered on the site contributes a great deal to a satisfying overall experience. The top rated sites offer a wide range of mouthwatering products including dark and milk chocolate, chocolate assortments, beverages, a varied selection of confections and even some non-chocolate candy. For those individuals with special dietary requirements, many sites offered gluten-free, vegan, sugar free and kosher products as well. Several sites also featured non-food items for chocoholics that included cooking utensils, T-shirts, dishes, plush toys and serving pieces to name just a few.

Customer Support
A top ranked chocolate store will have several ways to assist the user before, during and after the purchase. The best sites provide email and phone support as well as order history and tracking, an extensive FAQs page and a return policy. Many of the online sites also have brick and mortar stores that you can visit to see the products up close.

Site Features
This category encompasses the areas of community and education as well as the security features provided. An excellent site will feature recipes that will feed your obsession, informational articles that educate you on various topics from how chocolate is made to how to properly eat the delicacy to a chocolate history lesson along with a chocolate glossary. Many of the best sites also supply a blog, gift cards and a reminder service so your gift is never late for a birthday or other occasion. One of the more unique offerings a few of the best sites feature is their mobile app for the iPhone, BlackBerry or other mobile phone.

All reliable chocolate stores will prominently feature their guarantee policy and secured checkout icon on their site.

Ease of Use
When it comes right down to it, if the site isn’t easy to use, it really doesn’t matter about how large of a selection or the depth of customer service and site features the company offers. If the user finds it difficult to navigate through the site or the instructions aren’t easy to understand, they probably won’t use the company no matter how stellar the reputation it may have. We found that the best sites allowed you to search their products based on price or category, their site was well organized and intuitive and overall was very visually appealing.

Buy your favorite indulgence from online chocolate stores should be as pleasurable and simple as enjoying the chocolaty treat. The top chocolate stores such as L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates, Godiva Chocolatier and Ghirardelli Chocolate offer excellent product selections, superior ease of use and extensive site features to make your shopping experience seamless and pleasurable.