Fannie May Fine Chocolates was established in 1920 in Chicago, which grew rapidly into dozens of candy and chocolate stores by 1935. This chocolate service established for itself a name of quality and uncompromising taste early on, surviving the World War II drought of materials with its integrity intact. Fannie May chose to create only the amount of candy that they were able with the meager supplies on hand, preserving the taste of the candy above all else. This legacy of integrity has continued until today, leading to a great online chocolate service in our day.

Fannie May’s chocolate selection is quite large, though it doesn’t quite match some of our higher ranked products. Some unique and interesting chocolates are offered here, however, including Vanilla Buttercreams and Trinidads. Of all the chocolate sites we reviewed, Fannie May had the second most unique selection of chocolates, just behind L.A. Burdick.

Fannie May includes all of the standard customer support features that we’ve come to expect from good chocolate stores. Nothing stands out, however, as unique or exceptional on this site’s customer support.

The site features are a bit misleading on Fannie May. A few nice pages on the health benefits of chocolate and the history of chocolate are featured here, which offer some nice factoids and information. These beneficial pages are offset by a collection of overwhelmingly unhelpful pages such as the “Chocolate Trivia” page, which briefly describes five different chocolate types, offering little to no new knowledge on the subject.

Fannie May’s website is fairly easy to use. We would like to see a few features added, such as drop down menus and a more convenient product grouping under types of chocolate or assortments. The only menu we found convenient was the “Seasonal” menu.

Fannie May Fine Chocolates is a well-established company and has created a passable website. The service is convenient and the chocolate store itself is worth a look if you’re in the market for chocolate.

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Fannie May Fine Chocolates