For those with a taste for fine chocolate and a love for truffles, Godiva Chocolatier is a top-notch website that offers tantalizing chocolates. Godiva has made chocolate for decades, offering immaculate satisfaction for the sweet toothed among us.

Godiva specializes in truffles, a chocolate confection that was originally created with a chocolate ganache center coated in cocoa powder or chocolate. Godiva’s original dark truffle was created in 1946 and this legacy has continued until the present, bringing us new dazzling flavors like the Harvest Spice and Crème Brulee truffles.

Godiva Chocolatier got its start in 1926 in Belgium. The name “Godiva” is taken from the legend of Lady Godiva, the wife of a ruling monarch that lived hundreds of years ago. Lady Godiva was sympathetic with the people and confronted her husband. Lady Godiva’s husband issued a challenge that if she would ride nude through the streets of Coventry with no citizen looking upon her, he would lift the tax. Lady Godiva accepted the challenge, completed it successfully and the tax was lifted. Joseph Draps, the creator of Godiva Chocolatier, based the name of his company on a legend of passion and purity.

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Godiva’s selection of premium chocolates is diverse and attractive. Classic truffles, baked chocolate goods, chocolate assortments and chocolate of the year assortments all come together on Godiva’s impressive website.

A product that stands out above the rest is Godiva’s selection of premium truffles. Godiva has been making truffles for years, almost as long as the product has existed. It began with the classic dark truffle and progressed until the most recent incarnation of the Crème Brulee truffle. These truffles exemplify the quality of Godiva’s chocolates.

Godiva provides all of the standard options for customer support that you would expect from a quality online company. A FAQs page, a telephone line and an email address are all offered. Also offered is a “live assistance” option, which is a live chat service, offered by Godiva to better serve its customers. We found the live chat to be very helpful and convenient, as it only takes a few seconds to get connected to a live representative and ask our questions.

Among the special features offered by Godiva Chocolatier is a “Godiva Chocolate Rewards” program. Under this program, subscribers will receive many benefits including free shipping for an order, a free chocolate offer each month and a free gift each month with orders placed over $10.

Godiva maintains a great deal of extra features such as a chocolate guide which gives detailed descriptions of popular chocolate pieces and provides links to purchase whichever treat may tickle your fancy. Godiva also publishes a catalog through which you can sign up to receive a Godiva Gifting Catalog or a Godiva Business Gift Catalog.

Godiva’s website is very easy to use, offering many menus and guides to allow for simple navigation. Among the many helpful features on Godiva’s website, we found the chocolate guide to be the greatest help. This guide broke the many chocolate specific terms down and provided pictures of the products to aid those who may not be familiar with the specifics of a praline or a truffle. We found that this made finding a specific product, and many others like it, much easier.

Godiva made our search for delicious chocolates easy and more enjoyable than we even expected while looking for chocolate. Their site is easy to navigate and full of quality chocolate. If you’re looking for an online chocolate store, Godiva Chocolatier is a good place to look.


Godiva Chocolatier