World’s Finest Chocolate has established itself as a well-known chocolate store and elementary school fundraiser provider. Thousands of children around the country have found themselves, at one point, selling World’s Finest Chocolate to their neighbors and maybe even ordering a selection for themselves.

Based out of Chicago, World’s Finest has been making chocolate for over 60 years. They pride themselves as being one of a select few American companies that make their chocolate straight from the bean. Their well-known products, including many chocolate covered nuts and their signature “Caramel Whirls” are in high demand across the country.

The product selection at World’s Finest is quite limited, finding itself restricted to only a few popular options. Select few chocolate assortments are available, leaving most of their products in the chocolate covered nut market, accented with a smattering of caramels and chocolate bars.

Customer service at World’s Finest is available through phone, email, mailing addresses and even a fax line. With all of the standard options covered, World’s Finest does well in this area.

The site has precious few features and serves as nothing more than an electronic, automated cash register. A high quality website will include more features than just a fancy order form, and World’s Finest falls short of that mark.

World’s Finest website is frustrating to use if you’re browsing for chocolate. No drop down menus and few helpful subheadings are present to aid in your search for a certain special chocolate. Slogging through pages of products to find one that matches your preferences is time-consuming and draining. We’d like to see them improve in this area.

If you love chocolate and you’re looking for a bit of nostalgia, World’s Finest Chocolate may be the chocolate store for you. To receive the entire chocolate shopping package, take a look at some of our higher ranked sites.

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World's Finest Chocolate